Therapist, Qualitative Researcher, Storyteller, Blogger


Therapist, Qualitative Researcher, Storyteller, Blogger

Lindsay is an introverted, humorous, marriage and family therapist who writes blogs in her free time for Worthy Existence.  Lindsay makes it her life mission to connect and cultuvate this notion that we are all valuable, and realize our existence is worthy.

Lindsay is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Together with an amazing mentor and supervisor,  she and a group of motivated femal clinicians started a group practice, as fiercely authentic way to help treat folks who desire positive change.

Lindsay and her colleagues have a passion for helping people find their authentic selves and manifest abundance to go around! This team of clinicians are real and frank in the therapy office, and help their clients find the strength within to become their own best selves. They have since added several male clinicians who fit their bill of authenticity and empowerment to our people!

Lindsay and her colleagues all come from different backgrounds, but have banded together to help women and their families live their best lives. 

Many of the clinicans work within the feminist theory framework to conduct therapy, and are all about finding unique and empowering life narratives.

Lindsay: I get to wear what I want to work, be my own authentic professional, and work with an amazing team to better our community. It's been a crazy year of growth! We have not only grown so much in our practice that we had to move to a larger space, but also some of us have monetized a blog, created a crazy t-shirt business, got trained in Reiki, and strive to be there in a capacity for others that they have never experienced before. Basically I'm living my best life and am so excited about it! 

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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Certified Music Therapist

  • Certified Play Therapist

  • EMDR Therapist

  • Bachelor's of Music Education in Music Therapy

  • Master's In Marriage and Family Therapy