Ask Me Anything about parenting, mental health and psychotherapy. Clinical Psychologist, Mother, and aspiring author, Dr. Elissa will answer any of your questions about parenting, mental health and psychotherpy.

Dr. Elissa Gross
Mar 13, 2018

Ask Me Anything...

Dr. Elissa Gross is a clinical psychologist and the mother of two teenage sons.  She is currently writing a book with Birgitta Karlen, #authorAMA, the author of "Ten Tips for the Frazzled Parent."  Dr. Elissa graduated from Duke University, received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Yeshiva University, and completed her clinical internship at NYU Medical Center.  Dr. Elissa has been in private practice, where she provides highly individualized therapy for children, adolescents, adults and famlies, for over 20 years.  She is currently working on a book with her friend and fellow author, Birgitta Karlen.  Dr. Gross and Ms. Karlen are planning a Ten Tips for the Frazzled series to address subjects including:  stepparenting, single parenting, parenting a teenager, and parenting an adopted child.  Their series will provide readers with easy to digest theory behind recommended parenting tips, and many easy to implement parenting strategies based upon Dr. Elissa's 20+ years working with families. 

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If there is one thing you wished people knew about treatment or mental illness, what would it be and why?
Mar 14, 10:08AM EDT0 Reply
What is the best advice you can offer on leading a meaningful life?
Mar 14, 8:32AM EDT0 Reply
What is the greatest book you have read related to mental health, psychology or psychotherapy?
Mar 14, 5:31AM EDT0 Reply
What is the biggest myth about therapy?
Mar 14, 3:39AM EDT0 Reply
What seems to be the biggest obstacle for clients in therapy?
Mar 14, 3:39AM EDT0 Reply

What is driven by your interest in "helping people"? How much happy and satisfied are you when you see that someone really used your help to progress?

Mar 13, 6:11PM EDT0 Reply
How do you know about the parenting niche so well? What is the base of your research?
Mar 13, 1:40PM EDT0 Reply
Could you recommend any good book to start with the basics of psychotherapy?
Mar 13, 12:38PM EDT0 Reply
As a private practitioner, what has been the hardest situation/circumstance where you had to make your client understand the severity of a situation and how did you handle it?
Mar 13, 11:54AM EDT0 Reply
How do you balance your job and career with being a parent to two teenage sons?
Mar 12, 12:37PM EDT0 Reply
What are some of the challenges of running a private practice?
Mar 12, 9:13AM EDT0 Reply
How do you respect the autonomy and independence that teenagers have but assert your leadership as a parent at the same time?
Mar 12, 8:26AM EDT0 Reply
Is parenting a teenager always more difficult than parenting younger children?
Mar 11, 11:06PM EDT0 Reply
How did you meet Birgitta Karlen?
Mar 11, 5:30PM EDT0 Reply
Do you yourself use the tips in Birgitta's book, "Ten Tips for the Frazzled Parent"?
Mar 11, 5:11PM EDT0 Reply
What are your guiding principles or values when working with families? What do you believe in?
Mar 11, 12:53PM EDT0 Reply
What was your internship at NYU like? Do you remember any interesting cases from back then?
Mar 11, 12:27PM EDT0 Reply
What are some of the challenges of parenting a teenager?
Mar 11, 10:11AM EDT0 Reply
What is the most effective parenting strategy that you can recommend?
Mar 11, 10:10AM EDT0 Reply
What was your PhD from Yeshiva university focused on?
Mar 11, 8:56AM EDT0 Reply
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