It Takes a Village! Parenting advice from a Behavior Scientist who looks like you and knows he is not perfect and neither are his kids. AMA w/ Dr. Antonio Harrison

Dr. Antonio M. Harrison: Hi everyone.  I want to apologize for what seem to be brief answers.  I thought it would be a nice gesture to make a video and audio podcast answering everyone's questions one-by-one.  That got the AMA paused as it broke policy and procedure.  They d…

Aussie entrepreneur, family man, invested in climate action. Recently launched a self-funded startup called ecoloads - a transport marketplace, and an associated documentary mini-series called 'Moving Stories'. AMA, Ask Me Anything!

Jordan Panos: I'm not sure if its easy in any entrepreneurial venture but you've got to have a crack at it. Roadblaocks are a reality no matter what industry or business structure you are in so in that regard I believe you have to pivot - and swiftly. There's alwa…

I followed my dreams and want you to also! I live and work in world heritage listed Mt Field National Park, I'm driving change and creating a future for my family, and my community. Cafe owner, I also have my own merchandise brand, am a Director of Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania, and passionate advocate for tourism and education. I'm a Mum of 3 beautiful children too. Ask Me Anything - go on!

Rachel Power: Yes we can, however we need to change our approach for that. There are other tour companies who we would then be in competition with then.  By sticking to our niche we have better ability to own the space and charge a premium for the service rather t…
Jun 13, 2018

Helping women business owners organize and declutter their home lives so they're able to focus their time and energy on growing their company and spending time with family. Ask me anything!

Lia Brady: Absolutely on all of those! I've got so many book ideas, from life lessons to order the Godly way. It's on my vision board! 

#AMA Country Wine & Spirits are proud to be your #1 source this Father's Day! We provide our customers with rare and top brand bottles.

Rostislav Kats: Our Sales Director has all the employees learn about the wines and spirits that they sell. Usually, the director answers most of the customer's questions. If not one gets a quick explanation from one of the salesmen. 

Overcome Your Fears by Learning To Know Yourself - ask me anything.

KaeLene Scow: If a client doesn’t want to take about an issue it’s because they don’t want to face it yet, or they just don’t want to really get help for it. By changing things with small steps, I help them change surrounding obstacles. By facing the smaller obsta…
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